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As part of our park plans, there will be a full picnic area, along with picnic tables in the community pavilion.



Before installation, you will be sent a map with the picnic table locations marked. The exact table locations will be first-come-first-served. 



These tables will be designed for long-term use and durability. 



A custom-engraved metal plaque will be added to your table with your choice of message. We will contact you before engraving to get your choice of metal type, font type, and marker shape, so please make sure your contact information (phone and email) is correct.  If we can not reach you before engraving begins, those options will be chosen for you to ensure that your bench is completed in a timely fashion.

Once the tables are completed and installed, we will have a large unveiling and invite those who have purchased a table out to enjoy them with a community party!


Picnic Table

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