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Friends of Ferrum Park

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Our Goal

Our Goal

Friends of Ferrum Park is a nonprofit founded in 2023 by a group of concerned residents who share a passion for preserving the natural beauty of Ferrum, as a direct response to the Franklin County Department of Planning and Community Development's plan to give the land away to developers willing to place between 140 - 400 housing units on the site.


 Our mission is to ensure that the beauty of the 84.17-acre parcel of tax-payer-owned land in Ferrum is not lost to a large-scale residential development that will forever alter the landscape of our community.

Based on community feedback, we are advocating for the majority of the land to be preserved in order to serve the community of Ferrum as a nature park and event space, open and accessible to all.


As members of the community, our nonprofit understands the housing needs of Ferrum, and we believe that the best solution is limited attainable housing specifically for our community. Working with Nationwide Homes, our plan provides flexibility by having a handicapped-adaptable floor plan for those seeking to age-in-place or can serve as a starter home for individuals or small families here in Ferrum.

Because this has been mentioned as a concern, to clarify- this is NOT "Section 8" housing. This is home ownership made attainable by our nonprofit. By not being a 'for profit' developer, we are able to lower the cost of the homes for ALL buyers through fundraising and grants.

Join us in our efforts to make this vision a reality.

See our plan below. 

Our Plan

Friends of Ferrum Park Plan

  • A comprehensive plan created by residents of Ferrum using community feedback to guide the plan

  • Focus on providing spaces for recreation and both private and public events, accessible to all

  • Housing plan that truly benefits people who live and work in Ferrum

The map shown below illustrates the difference of the housing impact on the property compared to the Ferrum Property Master Plan's goal of 140+ units.

(Proposed housing = pink & white boxes along road, indicating our phased approach to housing)

FFP Plan Map.png


  • Thoughtfully developed with the help of local ecologists to ensure the natural beauty of the property is maintained

  • Trees and natural features of the property will be protected; rather than clear or select cutting, focus on placing park features in areas that are naturally clear or have small patches of new growth

  • Nonprofit status gives us access to numerous grant and fundraising opportunities, which will cover the cost of park infrastructure and upkeep at no cost to you as a taxpayer

  • In order to compete with bigger developers, we have offered to pay full market price for the land, so initial fundraising efforts would be split between the land purchase and park infrastructure

  • If approved, work on trails would begin immediately, with phasing of other projects beginning once completed

  • Expected time frame for full park completion:

  • Find our FULL Park Proposal HERE.


  • Up to 40 attainable housing units that will prioritize folks who currently live or work in our area

  • Partnering with local modular builder, Nationwide Homes to offer quality housing that is attainable for all income levels

  • Single-level duplexes with a focus on disability-accessible housing for elderly residents

  • Will utilize grant opportunities to provide downpayment assistance for qualified buyers

  • No clear cutting; environmental preservation is a top priority for all building projects

  • Expected housing time frame for Phase 1 houses: 3 years

  • Find our FULL Housing Proposal HERE.

More about our plan

Explore Our Plan


Park features we will be working to create include:

Over 2 miles of wooded hiking trails

Outdoor fitness stations along select trails

Restrooms with shower houses

A limited number of both primitive tent camping and full hook-up RV sites

A pavilion and adjoining picnic areas

A nature-based playground

A dog park, divided to accommodate small & large dogs separately

A small amphitheater for music, events, and educational uses

Designed with a focus on ADA accessibility





Pavilion & Picnic Areas

Dog Park View.jpeg
Dog Park View 6.jpg

Dog Park



group camping.jpg



Restrooms & Shower Houses

Prospective Home Option


Builder: Nationwide Homes of Martinsville, VA


2 bedroom

2 bathroom

825 sqft per unit

Americans with Disabilities Act-adaptable, with easy conversion to conform to fully ADA specifications

Up to 40 total units possible, based on community and economic demand

Ferrum Duplex Project.png

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